Did anyone say takeaway is bad for you? Well, carry on reading and you will see that actually fish and chips is not as bad as it is said to be, and even the opposite, it is quite good for you ! Sounds fishy? Let’s clarify all that!

Fish is one of the most ancient parts of nutrition in the human history and has proved itself to over the decades to be one of the healthiest aliment! With its high composition of protein, omega-3 and vitamin B-12, The British nutrition foundation recommends 2 serving per week.Fish and chips event mobile catering
Omega -3 fatty acid, which the DHA type is contained in fishes such as cod and salmon, is according to Dr Frank Sacks, Professor of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, an extremely beneficial nutriment that has been proven to participate in heart disease risk-reduction. On top of controlling several body functions such as blood clotting and building cell membranes, which influences our blood pressure, recent studies have also identify the potential link between omega 3 fatty acid and a wide range of condition including cancer and Alzheimer, inflammatory bowel and autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
Cod is especially a low calorie fish, which is most generally used by fish and chips shops; it contains only 90 calories for a portion of 3 ounces, 1 g of fat and an amazing amount of 15-20g of protein! Perfect for a healthy diet!
Now you must be thinking… “hang on, fried food is not healthy”… well this is again something to debate, first reason being the progress in machinery now allow professionals to fry aliments at a very high temperature reducing the effect of fat absorption. Second is that the DHA, beneficial to our healthy is not destroyed by high heat cooking in fresh oil. So cook by professionals such as Coast to Coast mobile catering West Sussex, and at a high temperature, the battered fish keeps it nutritive benefits and the thick chips absorb less fat!
And for the one who want to take their diet further, Coast to Coast mobile catering West Sussex also serve mushy peas, so you can replace your chips for peas and enjoy more regularly the traditional British fish and chips!Coast to Coast mobile catering west sussex
Coast to Coast Catering understand its fishes and its essential benefit to a healthy diet, so if you are organising any event, corporate parties, you can rely on Coast to Coast mobile catering food across Sussex , to satisfy your guests’ taste bud with healthy, quick and affordable meals!
Whether it is for quick lunch during your break, dinner in our sit-down restaurant or a need for a mobile catering west sussex van, Coast to Coast will serve you appetizing traditional fish and chips, with healthy alternatives option such as mushy peas or natural garden peas.
We will start to wonder something is fishy if you haven’t visited us yet!
If you wish more information on healthy way to have a takeaway, visit the NHS tips here
Or Read more on nutrition studies published by Harvard School of Public Health by clicking here

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Fish and Chips in a healthy diet? Say yes to Coast to Coast mobile catering West Sussex!

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