Mobile Catering Van PortsmouthLast week end, Coast to Coast Catering drove its mobile catering van to Portsmouth to cater for staff and guests to the event launching the new Smart Fortwo and Forfour at the Mercedes garage. We had the pleasure to serve our traditional fish and chips on the go for hungry guest attending the exiting demonstration of the FUN.ctionality of the brand new smarts.

The two cars were showing off their skills and talents. Agility by manoeuvring around cones with a turning circle of just 6.95 m and ease of fitting in small parking spaces. Compact proportions and smart high technology functionality of infotainment, navigation and connectivity, to ease and assist the driving. Amazing design and customisation, for the occasion of Valentine smart carValentines Day the Smart car were all dressed up, how cute!

Origin of the Smart:

Smart is a division of Daimler AG, founded in 1994, the Smart cars are engineered by the German manufacturer Mercedes Benz, leader of the luxury car market alongside with Audi and BMW, which is recognised for being an innovative group which teamed up with the legendary Ernst Dickmanns and built the world’s first robot car in the 1980’s. After deeper research and work undertaken under the Promotheus project, it took nearly 10 years before the autonomous S-Class Mercedes car achieved speeds exceeding 175 km/h (109 mph) on the highways between Munich in Bavaria to Copenhagen in Denmark.  Mobile catering van, at launch of new smart Portsmouth

The whole idea of Smart was to provide a little yet agile city car to suit the modern city trafic. It was a real success and the first Smart, City-coupé/ City Cabrio car was launched in 1998, with an overall length of 2.50 meter. The models were not entirely perfect and since then have been dramatically perfected.

Seventeen years later, the cars got a little bit bigger, whilst the group have improved the concept with new features to make the cars safer and more comfortable. The new Fortwo, with a length of just 2.69 m, and Forfour, 3.49 metres, are ideal for the city, these small cars offers a high agility, a whole lot of comfort and clever functions  – parking has really become so easy! It excels in class with trendy designs, little and special customers can choose between two exciting colours to personalise the interior design.

Mobile catering van Mercedes garage Portsmouth

It was a pleasure for Coast to Coast Catering to take our mobile catering van, around Portsmouth, Hamphire and be part of such an exiting event!

We will soon be back at Mercedes Portsmouth with our mobile catering van during the first week of March to cater for the Mercedes V.I.P event!

For more information on the Smarts visit their website.

Please contact us if you would like us to cater for your event.

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Mobile Catering Van at Launch of New Smart Cars in Portsmouth