When organising an event, there are lots to plan in advance: what is the event for, how many guests are coming, where it will take place, how to promote it? … The list is LONG!

fishOne of the most important things in organising an event is also: What will the guests drink? Or eat?

Many organisers go for a cold buffet, but to be realistic, how many really enjoy it? It is usually always the same, tempura prawns, chicken wings, nuggets, ham and cheese sandwich… It is a bit boring and not really cheap, and most of it gets thrown away at the end anyway! So why bother?

You have also the choice for a sitting down meal which can be really expensive and does not suit all sort of events, especially if you have not got the space to sit down 100 people at the same time.

Does that mean you have to give up on food?

Not really… It is common that people tend to engage conversation around some food and beverage, it give them something to talk about! Some people might be hungry some might not, so why not opting for a solution that gives your hungry guests the opportunity to have something freshly made for them?

A mobile caterer is your solution! From the van, the food is freshly cook and always delectable.  Once you know what type of food you will have then you should ensure to choose the drink accordingly.

Choosing which wine to drink with you meal can be a daunting task. Coast to Coast Catering, mobile catering West Sussex, caters for events whether it is from as little as 30 people to 200+ and knows the importance of pleasing guests. Which is why we have review for you some wine-food association you could do to impress your guests during your events.

No need to be a “connoisseur” to know that usually white wine goes with seafood and red wine goes with meat base food. However there is some exception to the rules and you would be surprise how many people ask for a red wine with their seafood dishes!Red_and_white_wine_in_glass

Red wines – Pinot Noir, France, a really elegant French red wine made from the famous Burgundy noble grape which lighter-medium bodied fruit-forward is generally well associated with seafood dishes. Its fruit-forward character accompanied with a slight touch of warm spice, clove and cinnamon, lifts the flavour of the fish allowing a fine experience of degustation.

Sparkling wines – Perfect for all celebration! It is always great with deep-fried foods – Champagne if you are aiming for a bubbly classy! Or Italian prosseco or Spanish cava, sweet or dry, are still the posh alternative to the usual fish and chips = beer.

White whines – Crisp Sauvignon Blanc is always a great choice to accords with the batter and enhance the taste of the fresh cod! Excellent if you have a punchy tartare sauce !

Dry Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc, particularly good with fish are excellent when mixing with mushy peas! This classic will be a winner all the time!

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The Secrets of Event Success with a Mobile Catering West Sussex

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