During the winter, we all enjoyed being cosy in our house by the fire enjoying a hot drink spending time with family for the festivity, this is the sparkle of December.
This year has been a special year, we met a lovely couple from Bognor, Mr and Mrs Hill, who pushed the magic of Christmas further and helped the homeless warming up and enjoying a nice meal for Christmas and New Year.
So it is on New Year’s Day that Coast to Coast, mobile catering West Sussex drove with an immense pleasure to Bognor ready to do its part for the community. Our team gave a hand to “Help the Homeless”, Mr and Mrs Hill’s association, with their catering event and cooked for the less fortunate our delicious sausage and chips. It was a delight to see the content and grateful faces of the people who came to get served from our mobile catering Fish and Chips van. What an amazing sensation is to feel useful and help a little bit with a commodity that is too often taken for granted.

Coast to Coast mobile Catering West Sussex
Coast to Coast mobile catering West Sussex for charity

It was with a soul filled in with happiness and pride that our brilliant team returned to Chichester after catering for the less fortunate. We are proud to do our part in the community and to have supported their event over New Year in our mobile catering van!


Help the homeless is a cause run by two ordinary yet admirable persons, Mr and Mrs Hill, who gave up some of their time over December festivities to help the less fortunate.
It originally started off with the wish to support the homeless by providing them food on Christmas day, and then the couple decided to take their actions further and created other solidarity events after an amazing positive response from the social media event they created.
The admirable couple, full of heart, hopes the overwhelming support will carry on in the optic that one day they will be able to set up their own charity and help more people.
The community of Bognor already kindly offered a drop point where you can donate old jumpers, hats, scarves, gloves, polystyrene cups & bowls, blankets and small bottled water that will put a smile on the homeless people’s faces.
Their next event will take place during Easter, they will be distributing Easter eggs and hot cross bun to the less fortunate and they are counting on everyone to participate!

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2015, solidarity can be everywhere with a mobile catering West Sussex van!